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Altapac is Newcastle’s home of Vehicle Signage and Graphics. Our computer cut graphics and custom digital print solutions offer precision and quality that will make your brand stand out.

As a vehicle signage and graphics specialist, you can be assured that the quality of the design, finish and materials is second-to-none. From our in-house design team to the technicians fitting your graphics, all our team and our facilities are set up to deliver the best because that is what our customers expect.

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Your business is too important to rely on amateur signage & graphics. Whether you’re looking to promote a product or advertise a service, we can help you design a solution that will stand out to new customers and get your message across.

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If you're ready to get the ball rolling, simply use the button below to get in contact with our friendly Signage & Graphics team. We'd be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote and show you through your options.
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More Than Just Cars

At Altapac, we’ve invested in the best people and technology to allow us to produce any size and style of graphics and signage for any vehicle, or anything at all actually. We’ve wrapped eskys and bathtubs before, so we’re confident what you want won’t surprise us.

If it’s a sticker for a caravan or a full wrap on a train, we’ve done it. Our Graphics & Signage division would be happy to talk you through your options to ensure we get exactly the finish you want.

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The brands we support

At Altapac Signage & Graphics, we use only the best brands that provide products which offer strength & durability, and a top warranty to match. We proudly recommend products from brands like 3M, HP, Hexis, Avery Denison & Arlon.

Yes, you can remove your wrap or stickers

Everything we stick on your vehicle can be removed if you need. It’s a pain in the bum to do and you’ll probably end up with steam burns, but it can be done. We offer the service at Altapac if you want to get old signage removed from your vehicle and don’t feel like fiddling with it yourself.

Vinyl Wrapping is very cost-effective

for signage and changing sections of colour on your car but it isn’t necessarily always cheaper. For more interesting colours like matt-metallic bronze or the cool metallic silver colour, a wrap can be a very cost-effective option, for changing a car from blue to red, it may not be cheaper than having the car resprayed.

Get in touch for a quick guide on how much it would cost to have the colour on your car changed.

Vinyl Wrapping is strong & durable

but it does need to be cared for. Leave it out in the elements and don’t wash it and you’ll only get a few years out of it. Treat it well and care for it as you are meant to and it will last you a long, long time.

special offer

One Way Vision Prints for Dual Cabs or Vans

only $450

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Our Office 94 Park Ave, Kotara, NSW, 2289
Phone 02 4941 4444
Email Address graphics@altapac.com.au

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